The discovery of gastronomies in the world is an important part of our
adventures abroad. Through gastronomy, you can understand a lot of the local
culture, and food is a privileged channel to communicate with different people
and promote warm exchanges among cultures.
So big and important is this part of our lives abroad that we decided to create a
blog specifically to treat this topic. The Expatclic community has always been
passionate about food all over the world. For years we have exchanged recipes,
informed about the food traditions of our host countries, and organised fun and
enthusing culinary round robins.
With Expatatable we want to invite you to explore cultures through the way they
combine flavours, mix ingredients and sit (or don’t sit) at a table. All that turns
around food – from culinary traditions to festivals, from recipes to cookbooks,
from ingredients to legends – finds its place on Expatatable.