Carole Sahebzadah, founder of Annonces Golfe, and Claudia Landini, founder of Expatclic.com, join hands and passions to create a cultural and gastronomic adventure that involves all senses and celebrates diversity and fusion in one of the places they love the most: the table.

Both plurilingual, long-time expat, mothers of TCKs, Carole and Claudia have been in contact with a great number of cultures and their gastronomies. With Expatatable, they invite you on a journey of discovery and sharing of culinary traditions, festivals, chefs, recipes, restaurants and books.

Carole and Claudia believe that exploring cultures through the way they combine flavours, mix ingredients and sit (or don’t sit) at a table, is a fascinating way to discover them. With Expatatable, they want you to be involved first-hand with the culinary experience: stay tuned not to miss the initiatives they launch regularly to unite expat from all over the globe around a virtual table, which promotes diversity, encounter…and a good meal!

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