alzheimerThis cookbook is for anybody with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease. It is yet another tool to curb the symptoms of dementia, or other forms of memory loss.  Dr. Marwan Sabbagh discusses the evidence of dietary changes and their ability to delay the onset of memory loss. Along with chef Beau MacMillan, Sabbagh presents over 100 recipes. They include “brain-boosting” foods and spices, as well as nutritious ingredients that help reduce the risk of memory loss and other inflammatory diseases. Both cookbook and evidence-based health guide, this carefully researched work belongs in every careful, caring household.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook is a science-to-table plan that can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It offers strategies and recipes—from sandwiches to salads and beverages to main dishes—that can also diminish your chances of developing other inflammatory illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. This combination cookbook and health guide is a powerful, proactive, and preventive approach to achieving optimum brain health.
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