So here you are… If you have thought (so wrongly as I did) that France is all about cheese & wine and maybe all those strange type of meat (they really can and will eat anything) like horse, frogs’ legs & snails and huge lambs ‘leg just to mention really a few of their preferences…you have been a bit mistaken (as I was)…WHY?

The French Love for Chocolate

Well, France has also not little but pretty big Chocolate Obsession which reaches it peaks at the Easter…I will call it not only obsession but also appreciation & huge AMOUR

Amour Pour Chocolat

for the chocolate taste & shape & smell! I haven’t realized this till Easter when I tried chocolate hen and its eggs..they were delicious and I am lucky enough for having some more chocolate eggs and rabbit shape chocolate left and also the access to best worldwide chocolatiers here in France…thanks God for Easter indeed, thanks God for France and its food!

So what does this chocolate means for France!

Apparently, it is Paris which holds the title of the Capital of Chocolate! There are more than 300 chocolate shops in the Paris phone directory lists than in any other city in the world.

The best and the most famous French “designer” artisan-chocolatiers in France are Jean-Paul Hévin, Christian Constant and Pierre Marcolini, and the chains such as l’Atelier du Chocolat, Léonidas, and Jeff de Bruges. They have different origins mainly Belgian, but they are so popular here and adapted to the French taste which can be particular! On top of the international brands there are many smaller independent chocolatiers and specific for the region or town brands like my favourite Voisin in Lyon!


Voisin Chocolate in Lyon

The French did go further with the chocolate, they invented the art of making chocolate. Their traditional  dark chocolate is unique because of the fact that it is the least sweetened chocolate in the world. It has also a typical cocoa content ranging from 62 per cent to 86 per cent or more. It is also known that the French use less butter, cream and sugar in their chocolates so here comes the good news for those on diet – their chocolate is less fattening. Additionally, high-quality dark chocolate (with more than 70 per cent cacao content) protects the cardiovascular system, lower bad cholesterol and aid digestion, to name but a few of its benefits. So feel free to enjoy the French chocolate as much as you wish….there are many of benefits…

The origins of chocolate here in France dates back to 1615, when France’s King Louis XIII married Anne of Austria, daughter of the Spanish king. She was the one who brought hot chocolate to the French court. So it’s now almost 400 years when chocolate is in France. If you are interested in more detailed history of chocolate in France have a read on here.

The Chocolatiers

So as I said there are many famous chocolate specialists here in France. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of them French Chocolatiers

My favourite ones are: Leonidas, La Maison du Chocolat, Jeff de Burges, Marcolini,Voisin. Just to name a few. What is impressive, there is Chocolate French Association. It is a place where chocolate is really being treated with a respect, love, appreciation of the people who cherish it, work with it and want to explore more. Interesting to have a look if you can read in french..

So I could write about the French Love for Chocolate a lot because there is really so much to include, but let me summarize what kind of relationship French people have with Chocolate in just few main points


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