If you pass by Venice, do not miss the fabulous restaurant Corte Sconta.


It is going to be complicated to explain you all this, because I will have to use strange Italian names and references that you won’t necessarily be familiar with. Don’t worry, I wasn’t either, before my son convinced me to go and have lunch at the Corte Sconta restaurant in Venice.

So let’s give you a bit of background. Hugo Pratt was an Italian comic book creator, mostly known for his character Corto Maltese. Corto Maltese is a laconic, enigmatic, highly fascinating sea captain, that we can follow in his historical adventures in the beginning of 1900.

One of them, Fable of Venice, starts in an enchanted corner of Venice, Corte Botera. The name has been changed in the story to Corte Sconta (sconta means hidden in Venetian language) detta Arcana, and it is from here that the restaurant has taken its name. It is not located in the original court, though. Corte Botera today is closed to the public by a gate.

Though the restaurant owns part of its fame to the fact of being linked to such a well-known character, there are many reasons why you should not miss it if you are in Venice (and if you can afford a meal that will definitely cost you more than an average lunch).

First of all it has a lovely and quiet inner court where you’ll be surrounded by all languages of the world. The restaurant is well known and tourists from everywhere come here to treat themselves to a special meal.

corte sconta

And special it is! Typical Venetian cuisine at its best, you can opt for fish or meat, but be assured that both will be a feast for your palate. If you want to do it the Italian way, and have a first and second course, I cannot recommend enough the Spaghetti with squid ink and seafood. They are simply delicious. I also appreciated the Stuffed squid with red wine sauce, a combination that struck me as weird when I saw it on the menu, but that I found perfect in my mouth. I would also recommend the Tuna at the Venetian way, cooked with lots of onions (onions are used a lot in Venetian cuisine) but absolutely light (and very tasty).

corte sconta

Stuff squid with red wine sauce

I would gladly advice on desserts, too, but my son and I decided to give up the lovely Venetian cookies and have an extra portion of Spaghetti with squid ink. I am still dreaming about them.

In short: a cozy place, warm and professional stuff that guides you through one of the most memorable culinary experiences in amazing Venice.


Claudia Landini
July 2017

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