Paolo is an Italian young man who created an e-commerce of fresh products, Foodgenuine. In this interview he tells us how the idea came about and how he has organised the yummy business.

How did you get the idea of Foodgenuine? Did you set it up on your own?

During my travels and my stay in Holland, where I have lived for several years, I realized that it is difficult to find gastronomy from other countries. Besides, I wanted to start something on my own. This is how I got the idea to create Foodgenuine, a platform through which I want to give small producers a chance to sell their healthy, natural, home-made, local and organic food and drinks all around the world. I made everything by myself.

How do you find the producers who want to sell through Foodgenuine? Do you check their products in any way?

I visit the producers close to me, and I get in touch with the others by email or phone after carefully checking the farm and the products on their sites. I usually place orders of their products, when I can’t visit in person, and taste their food before adding them to the platform.

I see that products are shipped mostly in Italy, some in other European countries: do you plan to expand your shipping area?

The small food makers decide where to send/sell their products.
I encourage them to ship to as many countries as possible, to increase their sales, but it can prove difficult to convince them to widen their area.

Do you have any other ideas to further develop Foodgenuine?

Yes, I will add more products, like sugar-free, gluten-free, no OGM, organic ones, etc., and enable the customer to find his most suitable kind of food thanks to an advanced search on the site.
I will also give the producer the chance to ship for free if the customer reaches a certain amount.
I would also like to expand in the English and Spanish speaking markets and I’m looking for business partners for that.

We always ask those who are interviewed or write for Expatatable to give us their favourite recipe: which is yours? Can you detail it for us?

This is a self-made recipe, Aphrodisiac Pasta …it might already exist, but with a different name

Ingredients for 4 people
1 or 2 cloves of garlic
1 onion
20 olives
500 grs tomatoes
Any kind of pasta

Fry 1 or 2 cloves of garlic in some olive oil and add the minced onion
When they become golden, add about 20 pitted olives cut in half
After a couple of minutes, add the diced tomatoes (preferably the “pachino” kind)
You can also add chili if you like spicy food.
This kind of sauce can accompany any kind of pasta, that you will boil in abundant salted water.

Interview by Claudia Landini
February 2016

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