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Sunday morning was a special day for my family.
It was the best day of the week.
It was the day when we used to prepare handmade tagliatelle.

How could I ever grow up differently?

I spent my childhood capturing the cooking tradition of my family, and started helping my grandmother, the queen of that magical place, as a teenager, doing a little legwork at first and then adding my touch.

Growing up, my passion for languages pushed my imagination beyond the national borders and, once abroad, I had the privilege to meet and taste new cultures and cuisines.


When abroad, I am not looking for some Italian restaurants, I want to taste the native cuisine!

I started this blog to help non-Italians connect with our traditional cuisine and try new tastes, spices and recipes.

Sometimes it happens I cannot find a typical Italian product, so I have to use some local ingredients and create something original by chance.

After all, the magic of cooking is just that: it builds a bridge between different cultures and allows them to meet, merge and create new harmonies.

Everything started with a rolled out pasta sheet that my granny moulded into pure pleasure.
How could I refrain from writing down a handmade tagliatelle recipe? I couldn’t!

Handmade tagliatelle

Ingredients for 2

250g durum wheat flour + durum wheat flour for the wooden board
2 eggs
1 pinch of salt


Put the flour on a wooden board, make a hole in the center and crack the eggs inside of it.
Add a pinch of salt and beat the eggs with a fork.
When you have mixed all the flour, start working the dough with your hands until it turns into a soft and smooth ball.
Cover it and let it rest for about half an hour.
Roll the dough out with a rolling pin until it is sufficiently thin, but not too much.
Sprinkle with some flour and fold the pasta sheet over.
Cut the sheet with a smooth kitchen knife, create some nests with the fresh tagliatelle, dust with flour and let them dry until lunch time.
Cook and serve these delicious tagliatelle… with some ragout sauce!

Bon Appétit!!

Here is the complete procedure with pictures.

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