This is a typical family recipe from the Lyon and Drôme region, traditionally prepared at Christmas.

How to cook French style cardoons!

Start by taking off the leaves of the cardoons, cut them in chunks and remove the film and threads of each piece.

Cleaning and cutting the cardoons takes a while: to prevent them from turning black, soak them in a basin filled with water and some lemon juice.

Fill up a stewpot with 3 litres of water .

To prevent clumping, use a separate bowl to dissolve 3 tablespoons of white flour with a little cold water, then pour the mixture into the 3 litres of water.

All the while keep the cardoons into the basin with water and lemon juice.

Bring the broth to boil, then add the juice of a lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

Keep the mixture at medium heat and gently add the pieces of cardoons into it. Cook for about 2 hours and serve.

Thanks to Claude artist and artisan at CBB créations


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