Giuseppe Torelli is a young Italian who moved to London two years ago. Like many others, he was hit by the economic crisis, and lost his job. Giuseppe is not someone who easily loses hope. Full of energy and creativity — just like Naples, the city where he was born — he decided to move to London. He has now spent two years in the U.K. capital, which he absolutely loves, and finds fascinating and full of opportunities.

Giuseppe’s initial idea was to open a takeaway in London, but he had no funds and because he was new in the country, he could not secure any credit from the banks. He therefore decided to start a private Supper Club in his flat. He had to wait until he found a suitable apartment, and when he did, he got started and is now having a lot of fun!

I asked him how he went about it.

“I worked on my website so that it would show up in the first 20 Google results” he told me. “I use Twitter, Facebook, and link to a few selected websites that target private supper dining. I also attend free events where I can talk to people about my Supper Club and show them my promotional flyer.”

But what was the real reason for Giuseppe, apart from being from a region where gastronomy is delicious, to launch such an experiment?

“I find Italian cuisine in London to be limited to a few popular dishes like parmigiana, aubergine lasagna, carbonara, bolognese and spaghetti with clams. Italian cuisine proudly counts many more recipes, especially in the region I’m from, Campania. The aim of my Supper Club is to make Londoners aware of the lesser known delicacies.’

You can find out more about Giuseppe’s Supper Club on his website, Naples Delicacies,

I asked Giuseppe to give us his favourite recipe, and here it is. Enjoy!

Pasta with Potato and Provola (serves 4)


3 small onions and some celery

3 potatoes, cubed

400 g of your favourite pasta

200 g of provola (a kind of savoury mozzarella, but you can use any salty cheese if you don’t have provola)

olive oil


  • Chop onions and celery and allow to turn gold in olive oil.
  • Add potatoes and stir for a while.
  • Add water to cover potatoes.
  • Boil on a moderate heat for 20 minutes.
  • Add salt and pasta and more hot water to cover everything completely. When the pasta is cooked, drain it and add some chopped provola. Let it rest for 10 minutes and then enjoy it!


Interview collected by Claudia Landini

Photos: Giuseppe Torelli

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