Krakatoa is not only a famous volcano… Claudia tells us about it.


Krakatoa is the name of an Indonesian volcano, which is known worldwide for its 1883 eruption. With an estimated 36,000 people dead, it is one of the most terrible eruptions in modern history. It is said that the blast was heard as far as Perth, Australia (4,500 kms away), and that the eruption darkened skies up to 450 kms away. It was a terrible eruption that had consequences on the climate of many neighbouring countries, and that changed the geography of the archipelago forever.

The name Krakatoa evokes tragedy, power, energy, death, all mixed together in the collective mind of Indonesians. So much so, that they decided to name a cake after it, and to try to couple it with the famous volcano in a very simple way: spreading alcohol on it, and lighting it up.

When you look at the procedure while waiting to taste the cake, the mood is certainly more festive and relaxed than when you are evoking the deadly eruption of the 19th century. Here are some pictures:



This is the cake as it comes out of the oven



A mixture of sugar and alcohol is poured on it



The eruption 🙂



A sweet sauce is the lava



This is the inside



And this is slice


To make a wonderful Krakatoa:

– Alternate layers of sponge cake with custard, and cover it with whipped white eggs.
– Put it in the oven at very low temperature until the egg turns golden.
– Pour a mixture of dissolved sugar and alcohol (rum will do) on it, an light it up.
– Don’t make it burn too much!
Claudia Landini
July 2017

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