The famous Tchaï (a kind of tea which is boiled with milk and cardamon seeds) is the first cooking step to learn if someone lives in the whole Indian subcontinent.
The tchaï is an addiction once you start and like it it became as necessary as the coffee in your country. It is drank everywhere in the bazar,offices, as the official drink which is served to guests at anytime, even when the temperatures reache 45 degrees in summertime.

The tchaï is always cooked with milk ..the tea time is a tradition which has been imported by the British colonies and is taking place every day at about 4 o’clock in every home in the whole country from cities to villages.



Ingredients to prepare a traditional Tchaï

Cardamon seed are used but not all the time in order to taste the tea with a spicy milky style.


The milk used to cook Tchaï in Pakistan is a buffalo milk quite fat and a high calory product… the normal cow milk is perfecin that case but try to use full cream milk to get a better result.


Tchaï for 2 persons


2 cups of water
250 ml of milk
sugar to taste
4 tea spoon of black tea or 8 tea sachets
5 cardamon seeds ( not compulsory)






Smash the cardamon seed with a mortar

In a pan cook the water to the boiling point with the smashed cardamon seeds

Add the black tea …let it boil for two minutes

Add the sugar and go on to boil
Add the milk and cook it on a low fire for two minutes as well. This point is very important
the Tchaï has to be cooked and boiled sothat the flavour may be extracted.

Once boiled enough close the fire and pour the Tchaï through a strainer into a teapot.

Serve with cakes and biscuits




Text and pictures Carole Sahebzadah



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