Melbourne is crazy for sushi!

It started years ago with a few stalls in the main department stores. On any shopping expedition you could stop and have a couple of delicious and healthy rice rolls, filled with raw fish, avocado and cucumber, held together by crispy seaweed.
It was a welcome novelty and it fast became my favourite snack.
It didn’t take long for more stalls to appear, not only in food courts but in the city streets, stations, airport.
No matter where you are, a sushi stall is never far away!
I have to admit that I have become a bit bored and it’s been a while since I stopped for a sushi roll.
And then, one day, I went pass one of the most popular sushi place in town and my eye fell onto something new and inviting.
I stopped, curious and exited, because that “something new” looked delicious and I had to try it!
It was a “sushi doughnuts
Sushi doughnuts are made by pressing sushi rice into doughnuts moulds and then topping them with all sort of ingredients, fish, vegetables and condiments. The rice is placed on a
Apparently they were invented by a Melbourne based vegan cookbook author last summer, as made for Instagram food but I can guarantee that they are not only highly photogenic, they also taste amazing!
There is one problem though and I am sure you have already guessed it by looking at the picture: there is no practical way to eat them!
Nevertheless I did find a way and when the first bite landed in my mouth, with a wonderful explosion of flavours, I realised it was worth getting my hands dirty

And what about you? Have you ever tried a sushi doughnut?

Barbara Amalberti
July 2018

Barbara is a counsellor specialised in migrations issues. Through her Migrants for Love, she helps dozens of expats cope with the most common feelings of loneliness at the beginning of a new adventure abroad.


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