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We are so proud to introduce you to Giulia Sartori and her fantastic Mia Chia. Hers is a wonderful story inspired by food.


When changing country we are often faced with new eating habits. No matter how hard we try to maintain our culinary habits, we always have to build a relationship with the gastronomic reality in our new country. Maybe we cannot find ingredients that are basic for our usual diet. It can also happen that we try to have our children eating healthy and we clash with local habits that dictate the complete opposite. I still remember with horror the indiscriminate use of Coca Cola and highly coloured sweets in Honduras, and how my children came back from birthday parties with a level of sugar in their bodies that could have sent them straight to the moon and back!

When Mia, Giulia’s daughter, reached the age of kindergarten in Jakarta, her mother realized that there were no healthy snacks available for children in her host city. Giulia is Italian, her husband is from Mexico, and they have always been passionate by healthy eating. What is widely found in Jakarta’s supermarkets are highly artificially sweetened biscuits or jellies, or chips and other kinds of savoury snacks full of salt and preservatives.

Giulia decided to be the one who would take care of Mia’s snacks at school, and she set off to prepare healthy bars for her daughter. She mixed dates (for the sweet taste that is always appreciated by children) and chia seeds, and created thick bars that were healthy and energetic.

It did not take long before the children in Mia’s class were attracted to this strange food their friend ate during breaks. They wanted to taste it, and once they did they went home and asked their mothers to buy them the same bars Mia was eating! Their mothers then approached Giulia to ask her where she had found those mysterious bars their children were talking about.

mia chia

At the beginning Giulia just smiled and replied that she was the one who was creating these bars for her daughter. Slowly an idea formed, though. Why not produce these bars on a wider scale and sell them to parents at school, and maybe even in supermarkets and bars? Why not use her passion for healthy food to introduce in such a sugar and preservatives dominated food market something healthy and new?

mia chia

Giulia presenting her products

This is how Mia Chia was born. From Giulia’s kitchen and the importance she attaches to a healthy diet for everyone. The name is the combination of her daughter’s name and the seeds she was using at the beginning (and still does) in her bars. Her idea had a big success, and it got to the point that Giulia felt confident enough to quit her steady job and devote all of her time to her new business. Here you can read everything about how it went.

Congratulations Giulia for being able to bring your idea forward, and thank you for being an example of healthy life in Jakarta!


Claudia Landini
Jakarta, Indonesia
March 2018
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