The homos is a widespread dish within the whole Oriental world. It is a very consistent cream of chickpeas. It is a Middle East healthy and classical dish called hummus, houmous or homos depending on the regions. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, Expatatable presents the one used in Jordan (Amman).


-Lemon juice and zest, salt
-Water to taste

Here’s the method:

Use large-sized dried chickpeas because they produce less foam when cooking. Soak them in water for about 12 hours, with one or two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. Then parboil the chickpeas for a few minutes in order to extract the foam. Place them in a pressure cooker and add water to cover half the peas and one or two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. The cooking time depends upon the quality of the peas. The big ones cook more easily than the smaller ones. It takes about 20 minutes. The more you cook them, more digestible they become. You can crush a pea between your fingers to check if it’s cooked. If you find a small hard ball inside the pea, you have to cook it longer.
Crush the chickpeas and add:

– Tahineh, a cream made of sesame
– Lemon juice and possibly some zest
– Salt

– If the cream is too thick add a little bit of water

Mix well and use a blender if needed. Arrange the cream on a plate by digging a circle in the middle where the olive oil will be poured. Garnish according to your taste with flat parsley, cubes of tomatoes and cucumber sticks … you can put chopped or crashed garlic the little hole in the middle of the plate so that way you can decide to eat it or not.

homos jordanian styleYou can add bread to the recipe, in which case you don’t call it homos but fatteh.

No cutlery is used to enjoy the homos. A small piece of bread shaped like a spoon will do to scoop and eat the cream. It is important to follow the tradition because the taste will be slightly different if a utensil is used instead of the bread.


Thanks to V.Isabelle Taillefert –Jordanie Solidarité for the text.

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