This is a delicious Sicilian recipe.

Cunzare in Sicilian literally means “to set the table”, or more generally, “to organise, to arrange”. This is a kind of flat roasted bread covered with typical Sicilian ingredients, like capers, tomatoes and olives. The modern version we eat today has its origin in the modest meals of Sicilian farmers, who took some bread in the fields, put it out in the sun to heat, and covered it with whatever ingredient they had at their disposal. At the beginning it was just a few drops of olive oil and salt, then whatever the nature yielded was added: capers, olives, basil, tomatoes, oregano.

Today the pane cunzato comes in a variety of ways. The basic recipe is with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil, most sophisticated ones include anchovies, tuna fish, basil or almonds pesto. You can taste pane cunzato everywhere in Sicily. Its fabulous taste is not difficult to achieve, it comes from the freshness of the products, from the heavenly Sicilian capers and olives, from the full taste of the delicious olive oil.

Text and pictures: Claudia Landini


Pane cunzatu2

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