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Caroline tells us about her most recent creation, the blog Crear para Endulzar (Create to Sweeten), which collects the creations of her partner Sergio. Thank you Line!


What is Create to Sweeten, and why this name?

Create to Sweeten is a blog where I give free expression to my pastry creations, beyond what my job requires me. It is a way to free my creativity, for the people I appreciate and love. The name (Create to Sweeten) perfectly describes the idea of the blog. These creations are made to bring sweetness in the lives of others, the goal is not merely to satisfy the palate, it is touching the hearts of those who receive the cake, when they realize that someone has thought of them and found the time to try and develop something just for them.

Where did Sergio train himself, to make such good cakes?

Sergio has studied at the Pastry School in Barcelona, and of course with different pastry chefs, as well as by researching and learning new things everyday.
create to sweten


What is the purpose of the blog? Selling cakes or just transmitting a passion?

To give the blog a purpose would mean to set a limit. The blog must first of all reflect its ideas and spirit, so it would be illogical to stop looking for new challenges and to share with those who want me to realize pastries for them. But in this case, I would sell them.

Does your encounter, besides being a love one, mix your different food cultures? Does Caroline bring a little of her native France in Sergio’s cakes?

Sergio: I only know that it is her who brings everything to the blog. She had the idea to create it, I think that I would never have done it if I had not met her.

As for my cakes, I love everything she does without even realizing it, she grew up in a country full of creativity as far as pastry is concerned, and her vision is paramount, her criterion decisive.

How about savoury dishes? Does Sergio prepare them, too?

Cooking and savoury dishes are another world that does not attract me the same way. But that does not mean that I am not good at that, I just do not like cooking. If I cook something, I first and foremost care about delighting and surprising who receives the plate, and this applies to all fields.

How do you think Crear para Endulzar will be developed in the future? Do you have ideas you want to share with us?

Sergio: I have several new ideas about pastry, that I have set aside, and little by little I will try new things with new ingredients. I’d like to think that Crear para Endulzar will remain the same while developing: who knows what the future holds? I hope to continue with the same desire to create things for the people I appreciate and love.

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Line and Sergio in Barcelona, Spain
March 2012

Interview collected by Claudia Landini

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