This is a great pizzeria I discovered during my holidays in my native city, Milan. It is located in the very heart of the fashion capital, a few steps away from the beautiful Duomo. It is such a nice experience, that you are likely to have to queue for a while before sitting down. No problem, though, because as soon as you arrive, you are welcomed by a glass of cold prosecco and a piece of panuozzo (a typical sandwich of Naples made with the same mixture of the pizza, and filled with ham, cheese – provola or mozzarella – and vegetables if you like. Eaten hot, it is a delight). The place has just a couple of tables upstairs, and more space in the basement, decorated with lively colours.

pizzaWhat is it that makes Piz so special?

The menu is simple. It has just three kinds of pizza: margherita, the classical one, with tomato and mozzarella; bianca (white), with mozzarella, crunchy poppy seeds and chives; and marinara, tomato, mozzarella and garlic.

The pizza is exactly as you would expect the perfect one from Naples to be: not too thick, not too thin. All ingredients are fresh, top quality and pizzas are accompanied by a small but suitable variety of biers and wines.

Useless to say, Pasquale Pometto, the owner, is from Naples. In his warm and cheerful place, he has managed to create an outstanding atmosphere. It is not so common in Milan to find such a warm welcome, and a cheerful confusion that makes you feel at home, while you eat the perfect pizza.

pizzaAt the end of the meal, Pasquale and his staff thank you with different kinds of liquors, all rigorously coming from the south of Italy: limoncello (lemon liquor), meloncello (melon liquor), pistachios or almonds liquor. Sometimes they make you taste them all.

Prices are fair, and if you try Piz, you are definitely likely to go back, or to suggest it to friends.

Via Torino 34, Milano
Tel. 02 86453482


Text and pictures Claudia Landini

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