<strong>Annalia, an Italian living in Zurich, tells us about her favourite restaurant.</strong>
When I arrived in Zurich in 2006, my husband often took me to a simple buffet restaurant near the Stadelhofen train station, called <a href=”http://www.tibits.ch” target=”_blank”>Tibits</a>. It is a vegetarian buffet and serves both hot and cold dishes. At that time I was still anchored to the Italian cuisine, and a meat lover, so I did not enjoy it that much. Later, both for the practicality of not having to wait to be served, the “pay what you eat” price (you pay according to the weight of what you put on your plate) and the inviting recipes with vegetables, I started going there more and more. There are three Tibits restaurants in Zurich at the time of this article, and a fourth one is about to be opened.
I was surprised to discover that the tradition of vegetarian restaurants in Zurich dates back to the end of 1800, when the first vegetarian restaurant was open (<a href=”http://www.hiltl.ch/en/” target=”_blank”>Hilt</a>, which still exists).
When I started organising coffees for newly arrived Italian women, I immediately considered Tibits as a meeting point, in particular to the biggest one of the chain, which is close to a tram station and to the lake of Zurich. Easy to reach by everyone and easy to find. Zurich does not have big bars, and I was looking for something like we have in Italy, where you can have an aperitif, and only drink or drink and eat. Tibitsrestaurants are comfortable, they always have new recipes and serve good wines, beers and desserts.
It is frequent to see women’s groups there at night. When we Italians met, we rarely were the only ones (we certainly were the chattiest!).
I go there whenever I have a bit of free time and need to relax, it is quieter than a Starbucks and coffee is better; they also have herbal teas and infusions. About every year they publish a book of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Some of these can also be found on their website (<a href=”http://www.tibits.ch” target=”_blank”>www.tibits.ch</a>) or on the Tibits app.
In the menu you can often find Swiss recipes they have modified. Actually, some recipes from Zurich are vegetarian, like the <strong>Rösti</strong>, a sort of potatoes omelette without eggs, and of course the famous <strong>Spätzli</strong>, a kind of pasta made both with eggs, and without.
Text: Annalia
Photos @Tibits <a href=”www.tibits.ch” target=”_blank”>website</a>/FB Tibits.uk
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